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Welcome to the ICCT Documentation Wiki

This DokuWiki wiki is provided as an experimental resource for Information Communication and Computing Technology (ICCT) students in the College of Engineering at Swansea University. More information about the underlying Wiki engine can be found at the DokuWiki. Here you will eventually find course information, online module notes and presentations as well as a place for discussions and contributer's own home pages.

Read more about this wiki, DokuWiki and syntax.

Important: If you want to test things please use the playground.

Course Materials


Academic Year 2007-2008

Exchange Students

Academic Year 2008-2009

Engineering Students

  • The Swansea Learning Lab home page is also a DokuWiki wiki where you can find out more about the Teaching and Learning benefits of Wikis and other web-based learning technologies.
  • Oremi is a “learning landscape” which combines aspects of social networking sites like FaceBook and MySpace with tools for blogging and a wiki that some lecturers at Swansea are using to form communities around modules or programmes.

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