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This wiki is an instance of a DokuWiki wiki running on a web server running on the personal domain of Dr Chris P. Jobling, a lecturer in the School of Engineering, Swansea University in Wales, UK. It is here as a focus for the teaching of Information Commmunication and Computing Technologies (ICCT) within the School and a resource in Dr Jobling's so-far informal research into Personalised Learning Environments and related learning technologies. Students on Dr Jobling's courses will have access to the materials here and they (and other interested parties) are encouraged to register with this site and contribute to the discussion of the materials to be found here, and even contribute other resources should they so wish.

The design of this site (called Monobook) is based on MediaWiki, the wiki engine behind the Wikipedia. However the syntax is much simpler (but also less powerful). The template and supporting tools were developed and are maintained by Terrance J. Grant, a (bachelors!) student at the University of Central Florida.

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