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A Graphing Plug-in for Ruby on Rails (CPJ-X-1-2008)

In one of our research projects here at Swansea University we are developing a web application that will allow a customer to view his or her domestic power usage. We envisage a user interface that allows the viewing of time-trend data over various time windows and in various forms. For example overall power usage, individual circuit usage, power cost, comparison of costs using par charts, historical trends etc. The basic data will be stored in a database and we envisage that we will need to pass the data to a graphing API that could be run inside a web browser. Part of the project would to be research possible approaches to graphing the data inside a web browser. The application itself is being developed in Ruby on Rails using modern agile techniques and the project would also introduce the student to agile methods, version control, ruby, and web applications development.

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